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JOB POSTING: Ste. Agathe Arena Manager

Responsible for all ice making and arena maintenance procedures, as well as caretaking of the facility.

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Cartier Park

The ideal place to fully enjoy Ste Agathe MB (Manitoba). Municipal campground with an interpretive centre, shelter and sports venues.Explore

Ste Agathe Calendar

Full of useful tips, itineraries and calendars, we’ve got the most up-to-date info. Stay posted on Ste. Agathe’s biggest and best events.Schedule

Riel Industrial Park

115 Acres available with a total capacity for 57 businesses. Adjacent to the main highway from Winnipeg, Manitoba to the U.S. Border.Learn More

L’école Sainte-Agathe

Our French school welcomes students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. Visit their website for school news, events and much more. Come Visit

Ste Agathe MB (Manitoba) Articles


Congratulations to Ste. Agathe MB (Manitoba) Hemp Oil Canada for winning the national 2013 Canada Brand Business Award! President, Shaun Crew “We are very excited by this recognition” Check out their site
Updates, Ste. Agathe MB
Have you seen the Promenade Trail lately? The lights are up. We can’t wait to see everyone go for a stroll.
Updates, Ste. Agathe CDC
Lots of action happening behind the scenes in Ste. Agathe!!!! Hear what Jacques Courcelles has to say here
Updates, Ste. Agathe CDC
Our logo was designed by long-time resident Eric Ouimet, “Sunset over the golden fields along the red river is depicted in this logo. It has an open air feel and thats what I picture when i think about living in Ste-Agathe.”
Updates, Ste. Agathe CDC